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Health-focused physiotherapy in Victoria, BC that keeps you
performing for life.

We look at rehab differently... it isn't just about being pain free. It's about being pain free AND doing the things you love to do.

Why are we here?

To help guide you from pain back to high performance. We want to provide a rehab experience that is levels above what you have had in the past. For too long people have relied on rehab that gets them out of pain in their day to day life, but doesn't do anything to get them back to their active lifestyles. We want you living your life, and ACTIVELY working towards a solution. 

How are we different?

1-on-1 with your physiotherapist for an hour. We combine treatments to get you out of pain with high level coaching to help you move better, get stronger, and get back to performing. Don't expect to spend an entire session laying on the table or being told that rest is the answer. Our goal is to get you back to your activities as soon as possible, which means we will be in the gym making sure that you are ready for anything.



"Working with Apollo Performance Therapy has completely changed how I look at injury rehab and improving mobility. I do Crossfit and when I first met with Jacob at Crossfit Lolo I had an ankle injury that had gotten so bad I couldn't row, run, jump or squat below parallel without extreme pain and discomfort. I was extremely frustrated and thought I would never have "pain-free" ankles again.


Flash forward a few months after meeting bi-weekly with Jacob and following his stellar customized programming, both my ankles are not only pain-free I'm actually improving my mobility and they're the strongest they've ever been. These gains are transferring over into all my training."

—  Olivia Anderson


Sports Physiotherapy

Pre and Post-surgical Rehab

Work Conditioning

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Manual Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy


Mobility Programs

Running Assessment

Barbell Technique Assessment

What We Treat

Back Pain and Sciatica

Neck Pain and Headaches

Hip and Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow and Wrist Pain

Ankle and Foot Pain

ACL Repair (Pre and Post-Surgery)

Achilles Repair Surgery

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

Meniscus Tears

Shoulder Impingement

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