by J&M Erbes Physiotherapy ULC

Get back to performing at your highest level, naturally

We specialize in helping active adults and 

athletes beat their pain, quickly and naturally. 

Hi, I’m Jacob Erbes

Doctor of Physical Therapy

& Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

After experiencing years of nagging knee and shoulder pain while playing basketball, football, and training as a CrossFit athlete, I decided to take my treatment into my own hands. By combining the sciences of physical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning, I created a therapy that actually works without injections, pills, surgery, or extended rest time.


I knew I had to share this approach and help others beat their pain too, so my passion for helping athletes get back on their game, pain-free and naturally, was born. 

Read on to learn more about how I can help you

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Apollo Performance Therapy is proud to offer FREE consultations and treatment at CrossFit LoLo in downtown Victoria and Peninsula CrossFit in Sidneyor virtually via Zoom video chat. 

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"Working with Apollo Performance Therapy has completely changed how I look at injury rehab and improving mobility. I do Crossfit and when I first met with Jacob at Crossfit Lolo I had an ankle injury that had gotten so bad I couldn't row, run, jump or squat below parallel without extreme pain and discomfort. I was extremely frustrated and thought I would never have "pain-free" ankles again.


Flash forward a few months after meeting bi-weekly with Jacob and following his stellar customized programming, both my ankles are not only pain-free I'm actually improving my mobility and they're the strongest they've ever been. These gains are transferring over into all my training."

—  Olivia Anderson