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In-Person Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

Who it's for: those with pain, limitations, or performance issues.

This service includes a comprehensive assessment of your strength, movement, and technique to identify the true cause of your pain, motion limitation, and more. From there, we build a highly individual treatment plan that will help you increase your strength, improve your overall performance, maintain your fitness, and get you pain-free. Manual therapy utilized as necessary.

Eligible for reimbursement via third party benefits under respective discipline.

*Must be in British Columbia to be eligible for physiotherapy or chiropractic services*

Wellness Massage

Who it's for: those with pain, limitations, performance issues, or who are needing help relaxing their body and easing tension throughout muscles.

This service includes a comprehensive assessment of your problem area, and a detailed plan on how to best achieve your desired goal. Massage may be complimented with home programming to better help you on the path to success.

NOT eligible for reimbursement via third party benefits at this time.

Online Physiotherapy

Who it's for: those with pain, limitations, or performance issues. Virtual sessions provide freedom of scheduling, and location.

You'll receive the same service as you would in-person, except online. Limited to a hands-off approach, virtual care lends itself well to what Apollo Performance Therapy is all about. 

Want to know if online care is right for you? Send us a message!

Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage for online appointments.

*You must be physically present in British Columbia at the time of the virtual session to be eligible for physiotherapy services*

Apollo Anywhere

Who it's for: those who have a nagging pain, whose performance has plateaued, or is looking for more structure in their training. Open to anyone, anywhere.

This is a virtual service which includes video consultation and assessment, access to your weekly training via an app, and access to your Apollo team member when needed to ensure you are getting the most out of your program. At Apollo we believe that rehab should resemble training, and truly believe that the Apollo Anywhere program is one of our most effective offerings.

This is NOT a physiotherapy service, and is NOT eligible for reimbursement via third party benefits. 

Rebuild - Rehab Meets Performance

Who it's for: Those looking for a more personalized approach to health and fitness, or are interested in a more active approach to rehab that keeps them in the gym while simultaneously improving symptoms.

Rebuild is our hybrid performance service that combines personalized fitness  and rehab programming with in-person feedback and adjustments as you train in a semi-private setting. Get the high level feedback and education of in-person sessions, the science-backed training of Apollo Anywhere, and a constantly-open line of communication directly with your coach to help you navigate the ups and down of health and fitness.

This service is not eligible for reimbursement under physiotherapy benefits, as only 1-on-1 sessions are covered. You may be able to use a HSA for our rebuild plan (varies based on HSA). 

Unsure of which service is right for you? Click the button below to book a FREE consultation with one of our team members to help figure it out!

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