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Getting out of pain is only the beginning. In order to get back to the high-level lifestyle that you want, you need to progressively challenge your strength, endurance, and skills to ensure that you are prepared for anything that is thrown your way. Rebuild was designed to help you bridge the gap from rehab to performance. 

After an initial evaluation, you will be given a fully customized program that you will be coached through from  1-3 times per week in a small group setting (2-4 people max). No cookie cutter programs or pre-printed sheets of exercises. Just an effective plan that meets you where you are at and helps you progress back to high performance, one step at a time.

Your Rebuild program can include things like mobility work, intro to plyometrics/jumping, return to running and sprinting progressions, gymnastics/barbell technique work, strength and hypertrophy training, conditioning methods and more to progressively work you back to being able to push yourself 100% in any environment without fear of re-injury.

This program is perfect for those that want to work hard to get back to doing what they love, and know performing at a high level isn't just handed to them.

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  •  Those looking for more guidance in the gym due to constant re-injuries, frustrating plateaus, or who just need more guidance in general.

  • Those that feel they are past needing traditional physiotherapy due to minimal symptoms day to day, but are struggling to work back into high level activities.

  • Those that have been looking for a different approach to rehab that goes beyond just short-term relief.

  • Those recovering from surgery and are looking to build back strength, fitness, and skills to ensure that they can go back to living their life like the surgery never happened.

  • Those needing the accountability of in-person sessions to do what they need to do, with the added bonuses of a comprehensive program and hefty savings for your wallet!

  • 1-on-1 virtual onboarding call to orient you to the app, discuss your goals, and make sure Rebuild is right for you.

  • A personalized program sent directly to your phone and built based on your experience, goals, and schedule. Every Rebuild athlete will get 3-5 days of programming, no matter how many Rebuild sessions you have per week.

  • Expert guidance from your coach/physio at small group sessions + weekly adjustments to your program based on your feedback.

  • Support through all the peaks and valleys of recovery - from a science backed approach.

  • Education to make sure you're not only feeling stronger, but also more confident in your ability to navigate the complexities of health and fitness.


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Rebuild is billed every 4-weeks as an ongoing membership. There is no minimum time commitment or long-term contracts, as everybody will have different needs. Your physiotherapist will inform you of their assessment and what they prescribe to give you the best chance of success.

Here is what long-time client Kehly had to say about her time in Apollo Anywhere - our fully virtual rehab/fitness coaching program!

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