Meet your physiotherapist

Years of knee and shoulder pain that made it a challenge to compete in the sports I love most drove me to find a better physical therapy solution. One that actually worked without injections, pills, surgery, or long rest periods that kept me out of the gym or off the court for long periods of time. 

I found that by combining the sciences of physical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning, I was able to get back to my active lifestyle at peak performance and, most importantly, completely pain-free.

I knew I could help other high performing athletes and active adults with my methods and training, and so Apollo Performance Therapy was born. 

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified in Intramuscular Stimulation, Blood Flow Restriction training, and Clinical Management of Fitness Athletes, as well as a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, I  work with athletes from all walks of life, generally specializing in treating shoulder, knee, and back pain for court sports, field sports, and fitness athletes. 

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Jacob Erbes Pt, DPT, CF-L1


The Apollo Performance Therapy method

Apollo Performance Therapy treatments start with a comprehensive assessment of your strength, movement, and technique to identify the true cause of your pain, motion limitation, and more.


From there, I will build a highly individual treatment plan that will help you increase your strength, improve your overall performance, maintain your fitness, and get you pain-free

I am happy to collaborate with personal trainers, strength coaches, and other healthcare providers to ensure that you are receiving the most effective overall care.


Time and time again, my clients continue to see great success with the Apollo Performance Therapy methods. So, let’s work together to get YOU back on your game.